Students volunteer for several of our ongoing workshops to fulfill course requirements. Contact us to learn more about how you can volunteer to join in the contagious cycle of spreading smiles and healing through art.


To honor our artists we program art exhibitions to allow the larger community to see the impact art is having on patient lives. Our Exhibitions are set up as fundraisers to raise money for the organization we are working with.

mission & vision

Millions of people suffer each year from diseases that prevent them from living normal lives. It is our goal to spread SMILEs and healing  in order to help them gain the confidence they need to live better lives. We teach methods of using art to combat symptoms that are frequently found with their medical condition.

smile through art exhibition-a parkinson's disease art exhibit September 2017

The Art Cart and DopaFit Wellness Center headed to Louisville, Kentucky to speak about the importance of creativity, nutrition, and movement at the Ponies for Parkinson's event!

DopaFit Wellness Center is owned by Chad and Saba Moir and is an organization that provides specialized fitness training, group exercises, and nutrition consultations to people with Parkinson's Disease as well as other neurological diseases. DopaFit Fitness Trainers are Delay the Disease Certified.

American Training INC is an organization  that has committed to excellence in service to people with disabilities, youth-at-risk and adults looking to improve their skills through life-long learning programs.  They are empowered to help people live meaningful lives.The Art Cart works with American Training Inc's Day Hab program serving adults with cognitive disabilities and neurological disorders.

September 2016 The Art Cart was invited to present at a Renewal Room at the World Parkinson's Congress. We brought our Creativity and Movement program to Portland, Oregon!

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) was founded in 1961 with the dual purpose to Ease the Burden - Find the Cure for Parkinson's disease.In that time, APDA has raised and invested more than $87 million to fund research, patient services and education, and elevate public awareness. As the country's largest Parkinson's grassroots organization, APDA aims to Ease the Burden for the more than one million Americans with Parkinson's disease and their families.The Art Cart works with APDA in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Connecticut.

Benefits of Art

  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress, anxiety, tension, and pain.
  • Helps build fine motor movements and coordination.
  • Stimulates both the left and right sides of brain.
  • Allows for full body and mind engagement.
  • Increases concentration and memory.
  • Improves social skills

We bring The Art Cart to you!

  • Many patients do not view making art as a "therapy" so they willingly engage in this activity. 
  • Promote positivity, confidence, and the importance of SMILEs throughout the event.
  • Special accommodations and modifications to the art equipment are made for participants that need the additional support. this helps many of our clients paint without worrying! Please contact us for more information and to find out more about our accommodations.
  • We take breaks and promote  a healthy environment by engaging in exercises to increase motor abilities and to help prevent cramping of the hands and body.

our involvement at the american parkinson disease association new england regional conference for parkinson's disease

did you know the inability to smile is a symptom of various medical conditions?

Fun Facts about Smiling:

  • ​ ​Charles Darwin wrote the facial feedback response theory. His theory states that the act of smiling itself actually makes us feel better, rather than smiling being merely a result of feeling good.

  • British researchers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate. Smiling stimulates our brain reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate cannot match.

Our Smile Through Art Blog posts (www.smilethroughart.wordpress.com)

Do you paint, draw, sculpt, take pictures, write poetry or make any form of art and have Parkinson's Disease? If so, this is your chance to showcase to our greater community how art has helped your journey with Parkinson's Disease.

Fill out the form below or contact us at smilethroughart@gmail.com to enter your art pieces to be featured in our exhibition.

pieces will be returned to artists after the end of the exhibition.

For the reception there is a $5.00 fee you will pay at the door. we will be accepting donations on the day of the reception for The American Parkinson's Disease Association-ma chapter

All proceeds raised will be donated to The American Parkinson's Disease Association-MA

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