Locally and nationally, The Art Cart is an advocate for patients. We travel to every corner of the United States to help patients and families heal through art.

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Read an article written on the art cart by The Norwood Record

Shioban McGrath

Student Intern and Artist

Featured in the South Shore Senior News December 2016

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Read an article written on the art cart by The SUN Chronicle

we have been published in the journal of alzheimers disease & parkinsonism. it is our goal to conduct further research on the impact of creativity and movement on those living with PD and other neurological disorders.

our program was featured at the global academy of medical education summit on neurological and psychiatry disorders in june 2016!

we were selected to do a renewal room presentation at  the world parkinson congressthat was held september 2016

media publications and recognitions

our smile THROUGH ART workshops


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We work with several non-profit and for-profit organizations that all have the common goal of enhancing the lives of the patients we serve. Luckily, they have joined us in our mission to spread smiles and healing through art!


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The Art Cart has devoted its energy to passionately advocate and spread smiles through creativity and movement to the parkinson's population and various patient populations. 

smile through art exhibition reception-october 7, 2017

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watch Saba's interview on "talk the walk", a disabilities channel

Saba Shahid, MS

Chief Smiling Officer, and Artist

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Our Mission

Let's Combat Micrographia is an interactive workbook developed to help those patients living with parkinson's disease learn how to improve and combat their common symptom  of micrographia or small-hand writing.

Chad Moir

Fitness Advisor

we Spread SMILES

and healing through art to populations that list the "inability to smile" as a symptom of their medical condition.

Our Smile Through Art Workshops are designed specifically by researching into specific symptoms of the populations we serve. Through weekly sessions, our workshops are proven to enhance creativity and movement in 100% of our participants.